What We Do


Our team of producers, line-producers, production managers and production coordinators have spent the last decade producing diverse content across all regions of Nigeria and beyond; so we know the terrain, we know the people, and we know all the fault lines and how to fix them.

This is why we are known to always run efficient, cost-effective productions.

We nurture projects from the idea stage, through production, all the way to the big, or small screens.



This is our ever-expanding team of experienced, hardcore film crew members.

The members of T.E.F.T possess the technical expertise to turn any script in a visual masterpiece.

We do not just do our jobs, we get the job done.



Its said that a film can come to life or die on the editor’s desk. Our team of editors are always giving life to projects ranging from tv commercials, films, documentaries for years without a single causality.

This because the team is technically up-to-date, artistically sound, collaborative, and professional.

Its not enough that we never miss a deadline, we also ensure that when a story leaves our editing desks, it’s sure to find a home within the hearts of the audience.