Something Unusual Studios

The Architects of Perception

Audio-visual entertainment is the most efficient tool for shaping human minds and we have spent more than a decade perfecting the art and science of it.

Who We Are

We are a production company comprised of friendly, hardcore professionals who believe the process is as important as the product

We have produced internationally acclaimed films, documentaries, tv commercials, etc across 5 continents and counting.

What We Do

Our team of producers, line-producers, production managers and production coordinators have spent the last decade producing diverse content across all regions of Nigeria and beyond; so we know the terrain, we know the people, and we know all the fault lines and how to fix them.

This is our ever-expanding team of experienced, hardcore film crew members.

The members of T.E.F.T possess the technical expertise to turn any script in a visual masterpiece.

Its said that a film can come to life or die on the editor’s desk. Our team of editors are always giving life to projects ranging from tv commercials, films, documentaries for years without a single causality.


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